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Type 2 Diabetes Remission

Type 2 Diabetes Remission

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Type 2 diabetes remission possible with ‘achievable’ weight loss

People who achieve weight loss of 10% or more in the first five years following diagnosis with type 2 diabetes have the greatest chance of seeing their disease go into remission, according to a new study.

The findings suggest that it is possible to recover from the disease without intensive lifestyle interventions or extreme calorie restrictions.

Type 2 diabetes affects 400 million people worldwide and increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, blindness and amputations. While the disease can be managed through a combination of positive lifestyle changes and medication, it is also possible for the high blood glucose levels that define diabetes to return to normal — through significant calorie restriction and weight loss. An intensive low-calorie diet involving a total daily intake of 700 calories (less than one cheeseburger) for 8 weeks has been associated with remission in almost nine out of ten people with recently diagnosed diabetes and in a half of people with longstanding disease.

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However, there is little evidence to show whether the same effect can be achieved by people undergoing less intensive interventions, which are more feasible and potentially scalable to the wider population. To answer this question, a team led by researchers at the University of Cambridge studied data from the ADDITION-Cambridge trial, a prospective cohort study of 867 people with newly diagnosed diabetes aged 40 and 69 years recruited from general practices in the eastern region.

The research was funded by Wellcome, the Medical Research Council and the National Institute for Health Research.

The researchers found that 257 participants (30%) participants were in remission at five-year follow-up. People who achieved weight loss of 10% or more within the first five years after diagnosis were more than twice as likely to go into remission compared to people who maintained the same weight.

“We’ve known for some time now that it’s possible to send diabetes into remission using fairly drastic measures such as intensive weight loss programmes and extreme calorie restriction,” says Dr Hajira Dambha-Miller from the Department of Public Health and Primary Care.

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“These interventions can be very challenging to individuals and difficult to achieve. But, our results suggest that it may be possible to get rid of diabetes, for at least five years, with a more modest weight loss of 10%. This will be more motivating and hence more achievable for many people.”

Senior author Professor Simon Griffin of the MRC Epidemiology Unit added: “This reinforces the importance of managing one’s weight, which can be achieved through changes in diet and increasing physical activity. Type 2 diabetes, while a chronic disease, can lead to significant complications, but as our study shows, can be controlled and even reversed.”

BodyBuilding Day 3

3 sets

Dumbbell Alternating Hammer Curl

1) Stand upright, holding a dumbbell in each hand, arms hanging at your sides and your palms inwards. 2) Curl the weight in one hand towards the shoulder in a circular motion. 3) Squeeze the bicep at the end of the lift and slowly lower. 4) Alternate hands and repeat. Keep you body still, elbows locked and palms faced inwards throughout the whole exercise

Barbell Bent Over Row

1.Stand with your feet at shoulder width and legs slightly bent. Bend over so that your back is parallel to the ground and hold the bar with palms facing up, arms straight. 2.Pull the bar up towards your lower chest. Pause. 3.Lower barbell returning to starting position. Keep your back straight at all times. 4.Repeat.

Hyperextension Roman Chair Back Extension

1) Lie face down on a hyperextension bench with your body in a straight line. Arms in a cross position in your chest. 2) Bend forward at the waist as far as you can. Make sure your back is flat at ALL times. 3) Then raise your body back up until your body is in a straight line again.

Twist Back Extension

1.Lay on a back extension machine with your thighs on the pads and your upper body bent over at waist, hands behind your head, clasping together. 2.Raise your upper body upright and twist your torso to one side. 3.Lower and repeat, twisting to the other side.

Barbell Rear Delt Row

1.With your knees slightly bent and your back straight, bend over and grasp the bar with a wide overhand grip. 2.Keeping your torso still, pull the barbell up towards your chest until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Pause. 3.Lower the barbell returning to starting position. 4.Repeat.

Barbell High Pull

1.With an overhand closed grip, lift the bar with an upright back, chest up into hanging position just below the knee. 2.With your shoulder blades together, arch your lower back and lift your legs off the floor with an explosive jump and perform a shoulder shrug at the top. 3.At the top of the shrug pull the barbell up to your shoulder level and keep your elbows higher than your wrist. At the same time bend the knees and spread your feet out to get under the barbell. 4.Return to starting position. Repeat.

Superband Pull Apart

1. Stand upright with arms extended straight out in front of you, holding the ends of the band with both hands. 2.Perform a reverse fly motion, moving your hands out laterally to your sides, keeping them straight. 3.Return to starting position. 4.Repeat.

Don`t Diet Alone

 I realized it wasn’t my fault! I was failing because of The real enemy her are the infomercials!. No wonder I was struggling.

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For years they wanted me to believe They want you to believe that there is a Magic Pill, but that`s BS!, and when I figured out that it wasn’t true, I was finally able to break out of their chains and get the results I deserved!

The real problem are The real enemy her are the infomercials!. THEY were the ones keeping me from discovering how to lose weight like a pro. If you are like me, then you will probably know that using free weights and machines is the fastest and most efficient way there is to improve your metabolism and strength but for many reasons these may not be convenient or readily accessible to you.

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You may also have no access to a commercial gym, home gym or are on business trip, but there can be a solution, a strength-training workout without the need of expensive machines.

As with any exercise, whether you are using your own body weight, machines or free weights, if the resistance doesn’t increase, your muscles won’t be worked to their maximum capacity and the stimulus these fibers need to grow will be missing.

Exercises done correctly will build the lean muscle and increase your metabolism in the same way as performing exercises at a gymnasium, but without the time constraints and associated costs.

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These exercises can be easily done in a bedroom, hotel room, a park, school yard, ceiling rafters in a garage or in a doorway and all you have to do is use your imagination. There will always be a way to add more resistance to your workouts.  SignUp Here Have your trainer build a customized training plan for you. Your trainer reviews your progress and tweaks your training plan.

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