BodyBuilding Workout Day 2

[Perform as a circuit workout of 3 rounds]
Barbell Step Up

1. When performing the step up, ensure that your foot, knee and hip are in line while you step up. At the top of the step, ensure that your hips come underneath you. 2. Stand up straight while holding a barbell placed on the back of your shoulders (slightly below the neck) and stand upright behind an elevated platform 3. Place the right foot on the elevated platform. And let the left foot stay on the ground. This will be your starting position. 4. Lift your left foot all the way forward while keeping your knee slightly bent. And your right foot straight. 5. Then back to starting position. 6. Once you’re completed one side, do the other.

Barbell Side Bend

1) Stand straight up with a barbell resting on your shoulders and your back straight. 2) Begin by bending to one side as far as you can and then to the other side as far as you can, using only your waist.

Barbell Thruster

1) When performing the thruster, you’ll need to be able to clean the barbell up to your chest and shoulders. 2) From there, you’ll perform a squat. Make sure that you sit back even though you’re loaded up front with a barbell. 3) Keep your arms up as high as you can or parallel to the ground. 4) Pop out of your hips and follow through with your arms. 5) Repeat.

Barbell Sumo Deadlift

1.Set your feet much wider than shoulder width. You’ll want to turn them out at about 45 degrees. 2.During the deadlift, always keep your back set. 3.Take a breath, and then lower your torso pushing your hips back, looking forward with your head with your chest up. 4.Drive through the floor, spreading your feet apart, with your weight on the back half of your feet. Extend through the hips and knees. 5. As the bar passes through the knees, lean back and drive the hips into the bar. 6.Return the weight to starting position and control the weight on the way down.

Barbell Overhead Push Press

1) Set the barbell in the front rack position, resting on the front of your shoulders with elbows high. Set your feet slightly wider than hip width. 2) Give a slight bend in your knees and hips. Extend through your lower body, and follow through with a shoulder press overhead. 3) Your arms should fully extend with the biceps lining up with your ears. Keep your core engaged to prevent extension through the spine, and maintain neutral spine. 4) Bring the barbell back to the front rack position well keeping your glutes and abdominals active.